Cosmic Mission

Striped Polo - Black - White - Unisex - Shirt - Shoulder Strap - Androgynous

Algorythm is a zero manufacturing fashion label that specializes in re-designing existing garments. The main focus of this brand is to provide a solution for over-production of clothing that currently pollutes our planet.
By taking dead stock and re-designing it with new trims, details and fabrics we are able to extend the life of a valuable resource that is worn daily. The product is brand new, unlike up-cycled product, which usually suggests that the garment has been previously worn.
Re-designing utilizes garments that never made it to market, such as goods that are left over from an over-production run and liquidated by the original manufacturer.
By working together we can create energetic designs that stabilize an unpredictable industry for the highest good of all.



Algorythm Sustainable Fashion