After spending over 8 years creating and working towards an apparel brand, I have launched Algorythm Designs as a creative outlet and wayshower of sustainable practices. Apparel is the medium I chose to facilitate my need for artistic expression because it also happens to be a resource that is an essential need for all humans. After deciding I wanted to start my own brand the universe took me down a journey I could have never guessed would be my process but after many twists and turns I'm most grateful that I've learned a unique way to produce clothing in a sustainable way. This has become the most important element to Algorythm because I've seen first hand the impact of what poor ethics in the fashion industry has to the cleanliness of our planet and the well being of industry workers.

Finding a way to solve a problem all while getting to be creative is my life's work, I came here for this. The timing of Algorythm couldn't be more spot on as the collective humanity is now awakening to a higher level of consciousness and seeking more and more ethical and sustainable products. As a conscious lightworker, my mission is to be a builder of the new to assist in raising the vibration of our collective humanity.

The Story of Algorythm Designs

Crys Shannon

Algorythm Designs is the brainchild of owner and designer Crys Shannon, who's vision is to transform and improve the apparel industry while a wave of sustainable solutions has already started to spread across the globe. She adds original pieces of art to already existing garments to create completely new designs that her customers already love.

After years of working in the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, ideas and inspiration started to blossom out of witnessing first hand the excess of brand new clothing that ends up being stored away and devalued. Luckily a lot of this clothing just needs a little love to instill new life so that it can be pushed back out into the market. Adding new prints, patterns, materials, and trimmings is how the magic happens. Algorythm specializes in custom, one-of-a-kind jackets that are created by laser cutting fabric graphics and layering them to create a new form of stitchwork on apparel.

It is the rise of new companies with remedial efforts to not only illuminate the malpractice of the industry but to provide a solution for taking immediate action in cleaning and rectifying the mess that fast fashion has created on our Mother Earth. In addition to producing ready to wear apparel, Algorythm also offers workshops to extend the designing process to people interested in designing their own garments. We want to empower people to participate in designing the clothing in order to advocate more artistic expression into our worlds. As humanity is being asked to wake up and shift our collective frequency, we feel it is imperative to physically create more beauty in the world.

Algorythm is an industry revolution.

In the News

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